Business Line of Credit Programs
In Aurora, Colorado and Nearby Areas

Aside from providing monetizing services, private money funding, direct private money broker, commercial loan programs, and fix-and-flip financing, we also offer services for business line of credit for our clients in Aurora, CO and nationwide.

A business line of credit (LOC) is a loan arrangement between a financial source and a business owner regarding the maximum amount that they can borrow. It offers a comfortable platform for clients to access funding at any time, provided that they would not exceed the agreed credit limit. Also, customers should be able to meet certain requirements to maintain their LOC, such as making timely payments. A good example of a business line of credit is a credit card.

That’s right! We can provide all of our clients with this type of solution as part of our Private Business Financing Programs. Along with offering daily, weekly, and monthly payments, unrestricted working capital, no prepayment penalty options, and rates starting at 7.99%, these financing programs entertain business line of credit requests under certain parameters. Additionally, these solutions also offer no collateral requirements, no restricted industries, and no caps on NSFs (Non-Sufficient Funds)!

Here at Green Virgin Real Estate Investment Associates etc., LLC, we are always willing to assist you in finding the best deals for your investments. Loans can be really complicated due to certain terms and conditions, but with the programs we offer, you wouldn’t have to worry about that anymore. Give us a call today to learn more about our business line of credit and other loan services across Aurora, Colorado!

For more information regarding our Private Business Financing Programs and business line of credit, please refer to the document found below:

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